S.M.B., SMASH BROTHAZ!!! SM.B., SMASH BROTHAZ!!! A local rap group based out of Missouri City, TX (also referred to as “The Mo”.) . Smash Brothaz are more than just your typical hip hop rap group. They are a group of individuals hitting all genres of the rap game. The Smash Brothaz movement has the originality that is lacking from music of the 21st century.

SMB are a group of individual neighborhood friends who all grew up with a passion and a love for rapping. They have come together collectively to form the group, while still working on their own individual albums. The group emerged in January of 2015, when T-$tiles and Planet Ace linked up and came up with a plan that would change the way hip hop is today. SMB dropped their first EP SMASH BROTHAZ, March 2015. They have also performed at Coast 2 Coast live and SXSW, along with live media interviews on “Getting to Know You” and Saturday Night Mixtape with 953 JAMZ. SMB is set to release their album early 2016.

The group consists of T-Stiles, Planet Ace, Killa J, British La Mont, Patience, and DJ Detonator. T-Stiles also known as Torrland Sumlin from Shreveport, LA, has performed multiple events in Texas. Planet Ace also known as Neville Fortune from Missouri City, TX, has also performed multiple events throughout Texas. In March of 2015 Planet Ace and T-$tiles decided they would take their venture to a whole new level and pursued a LLC for the company as SMASH BROTHAZ MUSIC GROUP, LLC (SMBMG). Killer J (Joel Beal), British Lamont (Khalan Walters), and Patience (Chris collier) are artists under the label as well as childhood friends. Planet Ace is the C.E.O and T-$tiles acts as the C.O.O of SMBMG, LLC. Not only are they rappers but they’re Business Men.

Smash Brothaz has that unique style that is conquering the streets. Each emcee brings their own individual style and creativity to the group that makes it the movement that it is. The group prides themselves on viewing this as a business not just a paycheck. At first it was a thought, then a dream and now a reality. Smash Brothaz, has created a new lane and a new style of hip hop, that is sure to take over the nation.

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Smash Brothaz

Missouri City (TX)
Email: info@smashbrothazsmb.com

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